Service Department

  • Add-ons to existing systems, upgrades
  • Spring startup and inspection
  • Winterization of systems
  • Moving or adjustments to heads
  • Repairs to leaks, cracked or broken parts
  • Replacement of heads
  • Maintenance Contracts
Meet Our Service Crew Tom Spanier Owner/Sales/Service Technician Sean Walsh Sales/Service Technician Joel Swanson Service Technician Dennis Swanson Service Manager Dan Wyninger Service Technician
---We Service any type of Lawn Sprinkler System---
For service and repair appointments, please call our office at (763)-428-9008. Our office staff will by happy to take your message, and schedule an appointment. Our goal is to make your service needs as hassle-free as your new sprinkler system.

Spring startup and inspection
Residential includes setting your controller, checking your sprinkler heads alignment, clearing clogged nozzles, and repairing any damaged components. We charge a minimum one hour fee of $79.00 plus any parts that need repair. If it takes longer then an hour we charge our first hour plus the time it takes till the job is done.

Commercial includes setting the controller, checking sprinkler heads alignment, clearing clogged nozzles and repairing any damaged components. We charge a minimum fee depending on how big the site is, plus cost of parts needed for repair. Please call our office (763)-428-9008 to find out more about our Spring Startups.

Winterization of systems

During the fall winterization of your sprinkler system, we will shut off the water to your system at its source, and pressurize the system with compressed air forcing ALL of the water out through the sprinkler heads. Pleasecall our office for prices on winterization that vary depending on commercial and residential site.

Dog Fence Repair
-Our service technicians can locate and fix invisable dog fence lines. We have a minimum one hour charge of $79.00, which includes drive time to and from site plus a locating fee of $45.00. Please call our office to schedule an appointment.