• Turf Pro
• Custom Command

• EZ Flo
• 252 Series

Sprinkler Heads
• Super 800 Series
• XP300 Series
• 570Z Sprays

Rain Sensors
• Mini Clik


Northwest Landscape uses the top of the line products from Toro. We know how important it is to have the reliability in your irrigation products and that is why we install the best products on the market.


Turf Pro from Toro offers an easy-to-use interface, and durability with reliable SurgePro surge protection. Also has a large LCD display and dial selection for easy programming.The Turf Pro offers a variety of staion counts ranging from 6-12.

  • Three start times per program for nine daily starts
  • 365 day calander
  • 6-12 Station (Plastic)
  • Armchair Programming
Turf Pro

Custom Command

Custom Command from Toro-maximum flexibility with ultimate simplicity. Offers convenience and flexibility for commercial application. Ease of use and fexibility are built in with hand held capability, a program stacking feature and a variety of station counts ranging from 6-48.



• 6-24 Stations (plastic)--Electric
• 12-24 Stations (metal)--Electric
• Excluded Day Option
• Flexibility with Simplicity
• Armchair Programming
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EZ-Flo valves are built with years of experience, therefore reliability isn't just a claim, it's a fact. It's easy with its jar-top design and threaded bonnet that allows you to reach internal parts without removing the valve from the system. There are no screws to get lost in the process. Give homeowners what they want-reliability with ease. It's not a hard choice when EZ-Flow Plus is a part of your offering.

• 3/4" and 1" Electric Models
• Tough Double-Beaded Santoprene® Diaphragm
• Resilient Buna-N Diamphragm Seat Seal
• Manual Internal and External Bleed
• Durable Construction


252 Series valves are highly versatile residential/commercial valves for use in light-to-moderate debris water. Three activation types for easy design, installation and maintenance.


• Variety of Models
• Globe/Angle Configuration
• Fabric-Reinforced Diaphragm (1 1/2" and 2")
• Schrader-Type Valve (PR Models)
• Durable Construction
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Sprinkler Heads


570Z Sprays feature a low-pressure seal that flushes only upon retraction, 570Z models are ideal for small turf areas and intricate designs. Seven distinct pop-up sprinkler bodies and over 120 interchangeable nozzles provide unlimited design flexibility.

• Zero-Flush Seal Prevents Flushing on Pop-up
• Retraction Flushing Clears Debris
• Low-Pressure Sealing at 15 PSI
• Non-Side-Inlet Models Available
• Check-O-Matic Models Available


XP300 Series are a quiet water-efficient sprinklers these are as effective as they are pleasing to watch. For medium-to-large lawn and shrub areas.

• Multiple Rotating Stream Pattern
• Matched Precipitation Rates
• Four Nozzles and 11 Interchangeable Arc Discs
• Planetary Gear Drive Design For Longer Life


Super 800 Series are precision-engineered, gear-driven sprinklers are an extremely popular choice for high performance at a terrific value. For all medium-to-large residential and commercial applications.


• FC and Adjustable PC (40 to 330°) Models
• 21 Interchangeable Nozzle Turrets
• Balanced Precipitation Rates
• Check-O-Matic Models Available
• Radius Adjustment Screw
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Rain Sensors

Mini-Clik shuts sprinklers off in a storm and keeps them off, automatically compensating for the amount of rainfall that occurred. Disks absorb water and then expand proportionally to the amount of rain that fell (e.g., a small cloudburst would result in little absorption, a thunderstorm with 6" of rain would lead to more absorption and thus more expansion). As the moisture-laden disks expand, they eventually activate a switch that interrupts the circuit from the controller to the solenoid valves. Once dry, they contract and release the switch. Thus, the sensor automatically resets without ever affecting your controller.
  • Moisture-laden disks
  • Set the sensor to turn off from 1/8" of Rainfall to 1"
  • Mounted in a variety of ways